.:.Used To Be My Playground.:.

Over the weekend, I have given up my home to move back with my mother and my younger sister since my dad is no longer here physically. It was one of the hardest decisions I ever made, but I promised dad, I would take care of her if something happens to him. My parents have been married for 49 years and it is hard to see my mom walking around the house in sadness and trying to keep busy. I know I am not making it any better because I am crying as well. It is so weird being here without my dad walking the walls, dancing, sings, or even shopping online. It is hard not to his voice and or not hearing him in the kitchen cooking. It just simply rough. I am sad even more that me and my boyfriend have been fighting because I am not happy and I made the mistake of saying something I did not mean. So, I am dealing with that as well. I just miss him and my dad, but feel guilty for loving another man besides my dad. One of my favorite songs is a song by Madonna. It reminds me so much of my dad and how we use to play on the playground up the street from childhood home. I just miss my dad..

shirt: .::LD::. PopArt Top Bewildered, shorts: MOLiCHiNO Swinbourne Shorts, sandals: Pure Poison – Gladia Sandals – Black, hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Andrea Mesh Hair – Night shadow, bangles: Izzie’s – *B* Wood Bangles blue, makeup: .:: BEAUTIFUL DELUXE ::. Autumn Leaves Lipstick VII, and sunglasses: Pure Poison – Hipsteria Glasses – Nerd Shades

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  1. Love you Tosh…any individual would alternately struggle with what you are going through. Yet ultimately, the intelligent individual will also understand…make the connection…that…because you have chosen them…it is indeed a rare compliment…because you are your father’s daughter and he set a high standard. ❤ ❤ He needs time…as do you…my love to both of you.

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