Barin’ It

This is the first time I blogged in about three weeks. A lot has happened during this time. First,  rl was getting busy with my photography work then I got really sick with my heart condition that lead to some complications that were not expected then my SL world went from right to left.

Today, I had the intend about blogging about my SL situation with calling names out, showing pictures, sharing conversations, and bashing people. However, my good friend Max turned me away from this idea with this blunt words , lol.  I am not going to lie, I am still hurting from it, but I know I can forgive but I will NEVER FORGET! I thought to myself, why give the satisfaction for people to know I am upset regarding my situation. Something that I did not cause and something that I will never do to another avi  (person), just because I have self respect for myself and as well as the people.

Obviously, neither of the parties involved did not have that in mind.  

I have been in SL for more than 9 years and I have never experience something that I did the last couple of weeks. Sadly, I was suppose to enjoy my 1st year meeting anniversary, but that did not happen. It ended up changing the day and the meaning of it. I just know that people in this game have real humans behind avatars. Keep that in mind, because you never know what a person is going through on the other end of the monitor. For me, I been ill for about five days and I shot a 10 hour wedding the day before I went to the ER and stayed in the hospital for blood pressure over 200 , fluid in my heart, and a migraine that made my head want to explode right after I had to the most shocking and devastating news ever. That just really pushed my ailing body into shock and pushed me more. Luckily, I do have some awesome SL friends who turned into RL friends to help me get through the times especially my RL situation.  They logged to pay my tier and get word out to people that I will out of commission for a while.  They are truly people I trust beyond the SL world.

It takes me a long time to trust people in both worlds when I trust you that means you are worthy and I have a lot of faith in you. Once you break that trust, its either GONE or it will take double time and a harder wall to knock down in order to regain it back. Sadly, this is happening for the someone who was part of this incident. I am trying but it will always be in the back of my head with doubts all the time.

At the end, chose your friends wisely. They will be there at your highest and your lowest points. Love carefully, you never know when someone is genuine with their feelings. Trust no one, only if you have bad vibes about someone. I had bad vibes for weeks and only to confirm it was true. Forgive, that shows maturity. Never down play a situation, you never know how the other person feels.  Respect someone’s decision, let them learn from the mistake if it is one.  Admit your mistake or your fuck up, the truth will come out one way of another. Be kind, no matter how people treat you. Lastly, create your own happiness. Do not depend on anyone on this. Love you all..

Welcome to my version of barin’ it .. comment below please if you have any questions or thoughts ..

outfit: *SO* ROSETTE @ TCF
shoes: [Gos] Frenchie Ankle Boots @ FaMESHed
eyes: A R T E – Bet Lehem Eyes @ TCF
hair: Exile – Storm
lip (makeup): ALMA Makeup – Stephanie – Designer Showcase
nails: blackLiquid NAILS – Maitreya MATTE GLOSS

Pose: Fairey Poses – Crouched 1


  1. I can understand you´re upset and hurt and I´m double-glad that you were talked down from your “Drop the Bomb” post. Those things escalate things even more and I´m worried bout your fine arse as it is… :/ I hope things calm down now …

    1. 🙂 Thank you Akasha, believe me it was hard not to drop the bomb. Because I was so upset and irritated about it. It was just too much especially when I was getting ill and all this kept getting worse. The images , the messages, and dealing with my partner about it. I am really trying to move on from it . But it is so much doubt in my mind regarding everything . I came on sl to be creative and enjoy talking to people around the world. Not for someone to come ruin and intervene in my SL like this girl did. Nevertheless, I cannot only blame her but him as well. I hope it calms as well and I can have a piece of mind again. My RL heart is weak and I am already tired. Thank you for your concerns

      1. Ha! This is regarding my SL partner and We are trying to work on it. I am trying but it will always in my head. I am hopeful he will work on his part that stupidity will not happen again. Regarding the Russian, I am not sure. Hopefully she is gone out of our lives lol

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