Finally,  Miss SL is over so back to my normal life in SL.  It was long few months trying to manage SL and RL. However, all efforts was a total let down. Oh well, time to move on

Recently, I had some set backs in both worlds. The most recent was having an accident that affected my function of my left hand. It hurts like hell, but I am dealing with it. During this transition, I tried to remember the last time I felt safe. Then I thought, I felt more self with one of closest friends on the grid ( as pictured above). I have felt safe in months here, however just able to lay here and relax made me see things differently.  Sex, lies, and infidelity are a main drive for most SL people, but being help and feeling safe is my drive. Friends can be friends without being sexual. A simple hold can do for me.

outfit: LYBRA . COURTNEY (@Uber)
hair:Stealthic – Fleeting

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