It has been a long time since I blogged on SL. 

2019 march head

I know right.

It is crazy how you miss the craziest, smallest things. However, I use my blog as an oasis to be able to vent in a good way about both my worlds. RL has been hectic lately especially the last two months. It has limited the amount of logging into this virtual world. Its fine RL comes first right..

From family, work, and relationships have been taking my time away a bit. Maybe I will go into details later, but as of now you get teased a bit.

However I want to thank everyone who has been understanding of my situation and has helped me get through it. It is a slow process but I am coming slowly back.

By the way, I am still competing in the Miss SL Pageant as Miss Japan. I promised myself that I will complete this chapter since I was not able to complete Miss MVW since my dad passed. But this time around, I will complete this chapter 😀 .

Gotta run yall..

Here is the deez on the outfit..

HAIR: tram G0508
LIP MAKEUP: ALMA Makeup – Lilly
EYE MAKEUP: A R T E – Arwen Eyeshadow River [Omega]
EYES: A R T E – Heaven Eyes [OMEGA]
SHOES: [Gos] Marie Ankle Boots 

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