I guess the cat is out of the bag ..

What does she mean?!?

Well, I am an official candidate for Miss SL 2019! I will be representing Japan. Oh yeah, I am super excited about it. Some of my best childhood memories were at the base there.

Here is something that you did not know about me. I represented Singapore for Miss Virtual World, but I did not complete it. Why you ask? My RL dad died and grief took over and I left SL for about four years before I returned. I returned as a blogger not knowing how much the modeling world has changed. I am not going to lie, I forgot how to use my VPC, walking in a straight line, and the perfect turn around. I started to remember how much I am into details and want everything perfect ( that part I did not miss). Yeah, that was funny as hell, but I got through it.

The lag is still the same lol..

I have decided on my platform which will be totally different from everyone else because it is something that I am working on in RL and it means ALOT to me since it does affect me.

Anyways. Look out for me and follow my journey during MISS SL.

MAKEUP: ALMA Makeup – Miss Brown – Lelutka ( @DESIGNER SHOWCASE)
HAIR: : Puft : Clef :Hair
SHOES: [Gos] Kate Thigh High Boots (@UBER)



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