. sitting by the fire.

Today, I decided to sit by the fire with my reindeer. Isn’t he cute,  he is cuddly and sweet. He kept me a little company while I was taking pictures for this post. So much has happened the last couple of weeks. It is so hard to keep up and my head is still spinning (grr!). Next month, I will have an another procedure hopefully this will work.

I sit by the fire, I think about all the things that have been going and what things I miss about my SL world. First of all, I miss my days at home with Silver sitting on the sofa in our PJs just looking at cartoons. I really miss those days. I am not sure what happened to them but I am sure one day we have them back soon :-). Its just hard to let of hurt feelings. But we learn to be to be smarter and forgive. However, I am Virgo and I do not forget shit. JUST SAYING! Also, I miss the feeling safe, I know it is a slow process but I wish it come a bit faster. This eerie feeling is not a good one.

2018. thinking

Also, I miss the sense of having a family. I love having friends but sometime that sense of family comes in. Luckily, I have that and they are equally as crazy and funny as me. Did I mention they are also fashionable :-). The joys of having a community who will support you no matter what you decide, how stupid you act, or just to have a shoulder to cry on. I have been blessed. 

I kinda miss being in competitive styling challenges and competitions. It really help me get out of my box and push myself creatively. I was not trying to a title hoe like some of the models I know, but I wanted to do something that was fun, challenging, and work my nerves. I left suddenly from that world when my dad died. I literally stopped logging and blogging. I was right in the middle of competing in MVW. It was overwhelming ! It wasn’t the best approach but this girl was grieving hard.

Hopefully things can go back to what it used to be..  because I am praying with positive thoughts and intentions.
outfit: iS Christmas Sweater @ The Chapter Four
shoes: [Gos] Frenchie Knit Boots – Collection
eyes: A R T E – Brown Gem Eyes
hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Ellie” (Brunettes)
lip (makeup): ALMA Makeup – Christmas Green Lips @ Glee
nails: blackLiquid NAILS – Maitreya MATTE GLOSS
Pet: [Black Bantam] Reindeer Pup Red @ The Chapter Four


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