I have been in Second Life for some time now. The way I got into Second Life is an interesting one.  Most people do not know that I was a professor at an university.  Myself and other students came into this world as a research project for quality of life for people with special needs for people with physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs and how the can utilize the virtual reality. It was success and I intended to leave but I got hooked and decided to stay and find my way in this world.
So with the typical being a host at a club and being a lil’ dancer then I found myself in the fashion world. Since in real life, I do photography I was like what the heck I can do it here to. However, I got sucked in the glamour and glitz of the Second Life modeling world.  The world of wanna-be bitches, control freaks, and cliques. I am not sure if I fell in any of those categories but I know that I was my own person.  I have been in agencies, pageants, magazines, and runway shows.  I was also still active in the health and wellness area of  Second Life as well a health educator at a spa that I owned for 4 years, but I still went back to modeling when I can.

Eventually, modeling become blogging.  I was a consistent blogger until I had to leave SL due to my dad’s unexpected death. So I took a hiatus for 4 years and I returned because I did really miss the friendships that I can gained in this world but people had changed and so did fashion.

Mesh took over, but I kinda liked the change but then again. But then I realize, that I was showing more ass and breasts. I was avoid for my avatar to even bend over without a comment coming in my box.  Clothes has gotten more shorter and shorter and cleavage was popping out. I never been club goer, but it seems like the fashion is less and the club scene is taking over. I miss the creativity and some of the designers that matched my style. I love being over the top but also I like being modern and minimalist as well. I have some favorite designers now that match my style but it is not the same. Also, I am getting tired of seeing the “slut” type wear.  These is a time and place for everything but not all the time. This makes events so boring to attend. I remember when I was looking forward the pose fair, hair fair, and specialized fairs. But now , they are happening everyday and so many different ones. I remember when C88 used to only one we all teleport to, but now we teleport to almost maybe 40 different events.

Another thing, blogging has changed ALOT. It seems like designers are more for the likes and views than a person who can actually do a good visualization. I know designers have the right to do what they want, however for people like me who like to style and be different it is difficult.  I know back in the day I worked with some GREAT designers that cared about the quality of the images not the following. The following will come but you have to give a person a chance at least. But, I guess that is just much like right these days. I remember applying for a brand recently  I remember one of the designers told me, ” we are looking for a different style ( me: I can accept that reason)”,  but not the part when he told me ” we are looking for a person with more likes and followers  (that I could not accept)”.  Hurtful yes, but I moved on. Luckily I have good friends that keep me from cussing people out and grounded. However, I  do realize there a lot of people in SL that have the time to blog all the time but me, I have a hectic RL and that takes away of my SL. As much as I love to blog, but I cannot sacrifice my RL for it.  I will appreciate the designers I do have and the style the hell out of when I can as long as I met the minimum requirements.

To conclude, remember the past is hard but adjusting the now can be even harder. I just going to enjoy the ride and appreciate what I have. How about you? You noticed the change?

hair: Stealthic – Avela (Browns)
eyes: A R T E – Galaxy Eyes @ Vanity fair, Aug 5th
makeup (eyes) – Zibska ~ Livie Eyemakeup (BODY MESH EVENT)
makeup (lips) – Zibska ~ Livie lipmakeup (BODY MESH EVENT)
freckles – ARTE – Freckles
pose: FOXCITY. Portrait Bento Pose Set

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