.:. Release .:.

There was a time when I was not happy in SL and there were so many reasons. I think SL was never the same after the death of my father.  That is the same year that I participated in Miss Virtual World.  It was kinda funny that I tried to hide behind an avatar when my heart was so broken and tender. In my mind I thought, yeah I am going to participate and it will keep my mind off of it. Guess what! I was wrong! It just made it worse. I could really focused on the competition nor the reality world so I decided to leave without a notice to anyone. I was broken and no one understood. While your “so called” friends thought you were seeking attention but in reality you were really suffering from the grief and the depression that came with it. Did I lose a lot of friends, yes! Do they talk to me? NO! Do I have to start the conversation with them? Yes! I guess I was just a distant memory and they moved on. When I returned this year, SL changed so much after 3 years. I connected back some people and developed new friendships from people I did not expect to have as a close friend. My outlook on this world has changed so much. wow! its amazes me how I changed so much. My heart as always been closed since I returned but there are people who will always have a special place in my heart and forever on my mind. Luckily, I have a few friends who I can rely on and there is one person who has finally stolen my heart ( which I am shocked)! Maybe it is time for me release my wall somewhat to allow happiness and to feel the energy of the light. I cannot wait to see how this will play out in 2018.

Don’t be stranger! Say Hi! Check in ! I miss of you greatly!

Until next time, XOXO

dress: Virtual Diva Darling Gown
hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Maggie” (Onyx)
jewelry: Euphorie – Seren Choker
eyes- A R T E – Veslemoy Eyes @ Limit8 [LeLutka]
makeup (eye)-Zibska ~ Folia Eyes
makeup (lips): Zibska ~ Folia Lips
Petals-Couture Vortex Red

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