I cannot believe that the last time I blogged was October 13, 2014. However, that year was the most heartbreaking year of my life and I still have not recovered from it. I had a choice of living in both my RL and SL, but I chose RL. SL was not affecting my RL in anyway, it was just my time to move on .Do not get me wrong, I missed all my friends and the relationships I have made, but losing my dad that year just was unbearable. I needed time to heal ( but still not fully there, but living with it). I always have worked in the medical field as well as having my own RL brand, but opportunities were better and allowed me to meet some pretty awesome people, brands, and more traveling. You think SL blogging is awesome, try RL and you get awesome stuff lol.

Coming back to SL was a hard decision, but I had some down time until I leave in the summer again. It was bitter sweet and a very weary feeling. I remember dropping out of the MVW just because RL was hectic,  the friendships (family) I lost due to a  misunderstanding, and the heartbreak of being there for someone who did really do not appreciate it and turned me into a close minded ( I don’t give a f attitude) person. When that moment came, it was time to go. The memories that what was before has changed so much in two years. The new Bento heads, all these mesh items, and did I mention, I cannot use most of my shoes anymore.. lol

However, most of the friendships are the same and some not so much. You can become a memory to someone if they allow it, but the ones who love you the most will always embrace you with open arms. They will remind you, you were truly missed.

..until next time.. TB






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