You know, I took a little break from blogging. Why? I needed to gain my creativity back. There are just times when you just get a point and you just need a break. It is hard to think, hard to put it together, and just do not want to be in front of the computer. Yes, I got to that point and I took that break without any problems.

I decided to put together a nice little head shot from two of my favorite designers for my first post in September. Zibska and Madrid Solo has always been two of my favorites ( I have more and I am going to show them soon) on the grid. The jewelry set that I am wearing will be part of the Jewelry Fair 2014 (click here for link), coming September 13-28.  The makeup design that is gracing this face is part of the 24 Squared Event. By the way, this set is LIMITED. So you better go over there, quick. Because I can see this going fast. The length of the event is September 5-13, so more reasons to run over there.

Well, I am off to work on the next post.. see you all soon..

jewelry set: Zibska: Kjersti, makeup: Madrid Solo- Mix/Match – Beguiled-Eyes & Lips- Violet Aqua Mix, and hair: (epoque hair) Sharp – Earth

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