.:.Blooming Emotions.:.

Yesterday marked 2 months since my father’s passing and I was an emotional wreck. Each time I see the 19th, I just feel the same emotions the day he passed away. It is a awkward feeling and I just trying to handle it. I guess, you can tell that I really loved my dad and how close we were. People say that I am getting stronger, but I do not see it. I still cry alot and go into a daze. I still look at pictures and listen to his voice. I am filled with so many emotions inside of me that does not show on my face. Well, maybe it does. I know I am not the same person from before. My outlook is so different now. The things that used to matter does not anymore. At the end, I look toward my daughter to help me through the days when I do not want to get out of bed or leave the house. Without her, I wouldn’t have the willingness to live anymore.

So many emotions ….

top: Zibska Ciara (available @ FashionArt), makeup: (eyes) Zibska Phine ~ Noir (new)/ (lips) .:: BEAUTIFUL DELUXE ::. Autumn Leaves Lipstick XXII, and hair: Zibska Bluma

Pose-grafica ~ pendroni i

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