.:.The Lonely.:.

Its been a rough four weeks of my life. I am usually quick to bounce back when I have something dramatic to me, but this time,  I am not so lucky. The death of my father has taken a extreme toll on me. Over the weekend, my younger brother was admitted in the hospital due to his disorder, but he knew he was trying to keep busy because he did not want to grieve over dad. To be honest, it was the first time I ever seen my brother cry. I am not sure if I was happy to see that or should I cry with him. My mother is so strong and I wonder how she is able to do it. I am tearing up much inside that it is a lonely part of me. I have the most wonderful friends and family in real life. I am blessed to have them. I have some good friends and family in SL that have crossed over to my real life to help me a bit. I know people are worried, I am worried too. Because I just do not want to anything anymore but stay at home. The biggest thing that really hurts me during this time that the people who I thought were my friends or even family have not even acknowledge me at all. You know that hurts. It really does.. I understand that people do not know what to say or know that they cannot change things, but the point of checking on someone or even the thought does make a difference. The world is not about the rose color glasses or just about oneself, it is all environmental and you have to take account of that. I remember all the times I been there for some people especially break up moments or even feeling down. Now, since I am at the point where is everyone I talked when they were down. Guess what, NO WHERE!  Its cool. No worries, I know who really cares.. Anyways, off my box and going to try to put some clothes.

This song reminds me so much of me now..

shirt: MOLiCHiNO Daff Tank, underwear: PARISA by Steffen Garcia, Knickers Charcoal, mask: *SoliDea FoliEs* Giulia /Mask, hair: [LeLutka]-LANA hair – IronHorcake and shoes: Pure Poison – Lora Wedges – Black

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