.:.Daddy’s Little Girl.:.

Tosha Bergan

As you all know, I lost the love of my life, my father on March 19, 2014. I am heart broken, sad, depressed, and lonely. I miss him so much. My father was my world and my rock and now he is gone. I feel so empty with out him. I miss his voice, smile, laugh, jokes, hugs, and kisses on the forehead. I miss his stories about how he met my mom and the Vietnam War. I just miss all the time. This is very hard for me and most of you do not know how close I was to my dad. Let me provide some insight for you. My dad practically raised me on his own. My mother was a caregiver for her parents for maybe 12 years and my dad took the slack and raised me and my younger brother. He cooked, cleaned, attended all my events…

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