.:.Shades 4 Equality.:.

Decided to do a quick post before I went to RL work. I would have done this last night, but I was too exhausted from styling all day.(LOL)….Blackliquid will be participating in  SL Fashion Pride which takes place starting today, March 10, 2014. All proceeds from our exclusive item will go toward raising money for ACT.


Fashion Pride is an exciting shopping event that will take place from March 10th through March 17th 2014. It will include fabulous shopping, fashion shows, entertainment events, and a final art auction to raise funds for both the Second Pride main festival in June and ACT.”

Second Pride, the organization that creates Second Life’s largest pride celebration, is holding a fundraiser for AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), to raise funds to increase awareness of the disease, assist those living with HIV, and service the community, while researching its impact on various segments of society.

Well, if you have an opportunity come by and suppose this cause. I’m all about equality and this really means alot to me in both SL and RL because of my closest friends.

Equality is not in regarding different things similarly, equality is in regarding different things differently.

Until Next Time, Tosha B.

sunglasses: blackLiquid SHADES – ❤ PRIDE SPOTLIGHTS, hair: >TRUTH< Magdalena – apple, makeup: lips- ::Modish:: PopMe [SET B] lips 7

 SL Fashion Pride

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