.:.Blurred Color Lines .:.

Hello to you all… Today is going to an interesting post which all started with a car ride with my RL daughter. First and foremost, In RL, I am African American and I do live in the deep south where the Civil Right Movement was very strong and productive. Where the history here began in cotton fields to running away from dogs and avoiding pressured water holes because people of color were fighting for their rights. The place where many people of my ethnicity were hurt or even killed because they were fighting for equality. The place where four little’ girls were killed while in Sunday School, because someone wanted to plant a bomb as they worshiped. There is so much rich history and I take pride of my ethnicity and what moments in history that developed our presence in this world. Where you all aware that ‘Black History Month” in February, might I add the shortest month of the year (cough, cough). Oh well, we missed it. Back to the story about my daughter. I was riding in the car with my daughter after I left my doctor appointment and I told her I wanted to go to my favorite restaurant since we were on that side of town. I looked her and noticed the hesitation on her face. So, I asked her what is on your mind. She said, “Mom, that place makes me feel uncomfortable.” I looked at her and said, “Why?” I had to pull over just to engaged with her in this conversation because I really wanted to understand her reasoning. “Mom, sometimes I feel odd being the only African American in certain places.”  My reaction was like, “Why, you are the only one on your lacrosse team and you do very very well.” Her response, “I like doing that because my friends are on the team, but when we go to certain places, I feel like I am getting stared at.” I had to gather my thoughts before I was able to respond. I had to explain to her that I am sorry that she felt that way. Mommy worked every hard to get where we are today. You are beautiful, strong, and confident. The stares you receive are based on  your presence and nothing of the color of your skin. A lil’ smile came of her face and yes, I did went to my favorite restaurant. But, the thought of my daughter feeling inferior made me wonder why her mind set was there. Than I realized I live in the Deep South. Yes, we are little upper class to most, but I have worked my ass off to get where I am today especially with my educational path. Each and other day, I feel like I have to prove myself due to the fact of the ethnicity of my skin.  Do not give me that bull shit telling that it does not exist. Let me say, “Like  hell, it does!” Spend a day in my shoes and tell me how it goes okay. It really irritates me when people say they do not see color. I have the same mind concept, but views are totally different on how you see it. Anyways.. rant one out of the way.. I logged on today and browsed my news feed noticed something that kinda irritated me a bit but I brushed it off until I remember the conversation with my daughter. I know SL is where you can be what you want to be, but there is things I just really wonder about people. There are so many issues in this fashion world especially without any thought or common sense.  I am not sure if people are seeking attention or just trying to be what they cannot be in the RL. I do not know, but it is all weird to me. So many things are pushed under the rug without any explanation or conclusion. I have seen this plenty of times with certain organizations. This is all based on observations.  I have noticed people changing themselves based on contests or even because of trends. I know, I started SL with skin that was not my original ethnicity, but I did not know any better. I was a noob.. LOL. Then I discovered some ethnic skins and I was a happy camper. It is so hard to find ethnic skin of good quality even at times hard to find people who can photograph ethnic skins. Again, all based on my observation and conversations from others.  Okay, rant is over and I will say this.. JUST BE YOU.  YOU ARE UNIQUE REGARDLESS OF YOUR SKIN. Well. I guess this poem sum it all up on what how I am feeling these days with the virtual world..

Until Next Time, Tosha B.

Behind the Color Blind
By Nordette Adams

You say you see no color.
I say you’re full of it!
I hope when you look at me
you see black a little bit,
for when you say you see me
how can that really be
when part of who I am
is my ethnicity?

I like my hair, my skin tone,
I like my heritage;
It influences my art,
enriches how I live.
I like your hair and color
and even your eyes too,
one of my favorite hues is
that lovely shade of blue.

But I wouldn’t want to be you,
I like myself just fine,
and don’t want you to be me:
We’ll both get there in time.
I know you like Scott Joplin,
and I love a Bernstein score,
I love good gumbo and pot pies,
one flavor’d be a bore.

When we escape these bodies,
and meet at heaven’s gate,
then we can say “no color”:
We’ll have nothing to debate.
We’ll be at peace in truth,
and understand all things,
but until then let’s be real …
Enjoy what difference brings!
And until that day in glory
when we are truly one,
let’s love ourselves in color,
not pretend that we see none.

Consider what it means
to love without condition:
it means to see all sides of me,
then love is your decision.
To sit high or to sit low,
but love beyond yourself
is the best way to love others,
and to reap spiritual wealth.
But to claim you see no color,
and smile like that is fine
is to say you don’t see wholely
and if so, we see you’re blind.

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