It has an interesting week for the fashion world from what I have read on FB. It is just simply an “oh wow,” “oh damn,” and “wtf.” I guess those three sayings can sum it all up. Sadly, I think it was pretty interesting and crazy just from what I saw. It is just amazing to see how people use this virtual world. I think most people forget that real life people are behind these animated avatars.  Personally, I think this is just  a common sense thing to know and I wish people remember that. Unfortunately, that is too much like common sense. That is one thing that is not used often in this virtual world. Or might I say, they chose not to use it.  Lying about someone’s passing, sickness, or even fake relationships all have consequences at the end. Karma is a pure b!tch and I do believe in the rule of three. What ever you done to someone will happen to you in three folds. For me, I follow the rule of Wicca.  The Wiccan morality is largely expressed in the Wiccan Rede: ‘An it harm none, do what ye will’. While this could be interpreted to mean “do no harm at all,” it is usually interpreted as a declaration of the freedom to act, along with the necessity of taking responsibility for what follows from one’s actions. The main reasons why I am very careful of what I do to others. Because I know that comes back and bite me in the a$$.   It is just annoying that you cannot really trust no one in either world and never know what is true and what is not. For that, my circle of friends/family is VERY small and I am very hesitate to develop new friendships. Sorry for being heartless, but I am just not a fool and I am not going to insult my intelligence for it. I will remain in my frozen place. Just be careful on who you trust in either world and follow your gut feeling, do not ignore it. I am going to get off my rant box and just end on this quote .

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Until next time, Tosha B.

dress: *LpD* – *Arianna* Chic Black, hair: booN SOT812 hair, makeup: lips-[KoKoLoReS] BP – Pure Metallic Lips – silver/brows- *!t :: Frozen Brow, and earrings: Paper Couture: Merriweather Diamond Studs


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