It has been close to a month since I started my stand alone blog and I am receiving wonderful feedback from the blog from both R/SL. It has been amazing reading private messages about how much people enjoy reading my blog and how they look forward to the next post. There is one comment that I would love to share. It was pretty heartwarming to me.

Hi Tosha, I love your blog. Thank you for sharing your heart journey. For me, it reinforced the fact that I need to stay on top of my health issues. I wish you good health. I stumbled on your blog right around the time that you said that you had made a return, Phenomenal Woman, and I always look forward to your next post. When I get around to it, your blog will be the first one listed on my blog page as blogs that I like; just started blogging a couple of weeks ago. Again, thanks for sharing Tosha. You are an inspiration; in more ways than one. LUV

OMG.. Love it.. Me inspirational ( I am honored)


I never thought of myself as a fashion person nor as a real blogger, however, I do blog in RL. But someone who loves to put her emotions in her posts.  I just love sharing part of my SL with you all and incorporating with my favorite designers on the grid. It has been a great journey and it is just beginning. To end this post, I would like to leave you with quote.

“Gratitude means to recognize the good in your life, be thankful for whatever you have, some people may not even have one of those things you consider precious to you (love, family, friends etc). Each day give thanks for the gift of life.You are blessed”

Until next time, Tosha B. xoxo

outfit: INMONSTER Donatella Black, hair: [iruco]hair28M, makeup: (lips)
::Modish:: BeforeU Lipsticks {Goth-Blood} and (eyes) [mock]Silver (iced) Liz Shadow, tights: LeeZu! LaLun Tights SHEER (black), and Pure Poison- Time Tags

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