.:. Heart of Gold .:.

People flock to her because she has a caring heart, you might want to say that she has a heart of gold.  She is often overlooked and never the first choice. She is the one who always has to wait but does any one ever waits for her. She listens to their words and looks at their actions and ponders what to do believe and what not to believe. The truth is all she asks.  She is the one who sits in the corner and observe her surroundings. The one with the heart of gold wonders why people are so transparent and mask themselves with others without emotions. She always sits and wait for someone to notice her, but her personality is silent and only heard when someone is in need or they need someone to take the loneliness away. The moment when the light shines and she thinks it is safe. It is quickly shattered and she remains silent.  A moments like that really make you wonder should you ever open up.  One of her favorite songs is written by James Blunt called Heart of Gold. She often can relate to this song in a moment like that. Let her share some inserts of the song that really catches her eye….

This time her mind is made up Yeah, she’s moving on Tonight her spirit’s crushed It’s ’cause she don’t belong Maybe she thinks too much She thinks she’s given enough Only now they’ll know she’s got a heart of gold Always looking for love She’s beginning to think she’s cursed On her looks she judged And she sings, I want to know what love is But it seems to come with so much pain If no one wants to show me It seems easier just to run away When I am gone it’s just a penny for my soul But God he knows, I got a heart of gold

Those are the words that are often in her head.  Is she over thinking, is she good enough, or is it just easier to run away but she does know she has a heart of gold and no one can take away from her.

Special thanks to my SL mom for snapping this for me. I know she is a busy lady. hehe!

Until Next Time, Tosha B. xoxoxo

STYLE CARD 1.) Dress-[AMARELO MANGA] – DRESS IZADORA, NEW 2.) Hair- Vanity:Closer-Brown, 3.) Mask: Madrid Solo Designs- Avion Gold, NEW 4.) Lips- [mock] Cosmetics Dark Cocoa Bean Lipstain, 5.) Bracelets- ~SIGMA~Jewels/ Admira bracelets (brown-gold), and Earrings-[MANDALA] MaruMara Earring/Sequoia brown Pose: Morphine:  .::MS::. Soul – Set.1.5

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