.:. Barin’ It .:. Part 1

It is time for a Barin’ It moment, again. Since I have not done it on this blog. I want to start off saying that coming back to SL has been bittersweet for me especially having trust issues about this world.  It is slowly getting better especially when I have close family and friends I can always turn to when I am in doubt. Also, I have developed a new friendship with someone whom I am getting closer to each and every day, however, I am not sure where that will lead to, but hey I am trying to trust again.  We will see how it goes, but I do know I enjoy the talks we have each day and early messages of “Good Morning.”  This quote comes to mind when I think about this situation.

To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.

That is a fact for me…..

Now, lets talk about something else.  I have been blessed with the best SL mother on the grid.  I have the privilege to have Madrid Solo as a mom.  Yes, the one and only Madrid.  I have to say on my hiatus away, she had send me an NC asking what happened to me and why. It really meant alot to read her NC and made me realize there are people who really do care.  Mommy Madrid, makes me laugh with her stories and makes me think her advice. I hate to say, majority of the times she is right. She really feels like a real mom to me. I love her dearly. One of the best advice she has ever given me is this.. (she is going to get me for sharing this, but she loves me!)

If in a relationship you give 10000% but the other person doesn’t. It’s like you expect to be treated “less than”. You need to start loving yourself more and demanding the same respect from those you interact with that you give. If, they cannot give you the same kind of respect/treatment, etc, you need to say goodbye to them. A good and healthy relationship is an ever evolving set of negotiations. If one won’t negotiate, one needs to kick his/her ass to the curb.

Something to think about … Love yourself first!

Thank you for being there, mom and being the best make-up artist in SL.

Until Next Time, Tosha B. xoxo

1.] MAKEUP: Madrid Solo -Mask Designs- Avion-Green (NEW) , 2.] HAIR:Unorthodox Robb Banks Hair[F], & 3.] EARRINGS:[MANDALA]:SENJYU Earrings/AFRICA

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