.::Slowly Back::.

for_tosh_001-blogIt has been a while since I have blogged in this world. It has been so many changes from people to places since I logged in September. I guess the biggest change has been the demeanor of people.  One thing remains the same to me and that is my SL family and my closest S/RL friends.  Even though, I was gone for a while and they knew that my health was not the greatest, they supported and filled my world with happiness and content.  I left and I returned and they were still there. I did lose a few people but gained another one who has a sincere heart and I am excited about our new friendship in the newest chapter of SL. The one thing I have learned during in this world is not to be too trusting and go with your first instinct instead of fighting it. When things start off with a lie, you cannot be so self righteous about anything.  Another lesson learned has been that your decision does hurt other people. Take into consideration about how your decisions can afford others as well as your environment. Even though, your decision will make you happy at least be upfront and talk about it before any action is taken. The other person might not be happy about it, but at least you are mature enough to talk about it and then move on. That is just being an adult.  At the end of all the chaos, you will find out who was truly there for you.

Special thanks to my sissy. Absinthe, taking the raw shot for me to edit. Thanks Ivyona as well..

In conclusion, “The truth is messy. It’s raw and uncomfortable. You can’t blame people for preferring lies.”

Until Next Time, Tosha B.

1.} Maitreya Poise Dress * Acai
2.} Maitreya Wool Cardigan * Coffee
3.} Maitreya Dahlia Socks * Flat S Choco
4.} Maitreya Stagioni Xtd Leather *Bistre
5.} Maitreya Unisex Beanie – Wool Brown
6.} Shi : Fingerless Gloves
7.} MG – Necklace – Anukaa Beads +Ethiopian Cross – Combo 3
8.}Kyxe Delicate Eggplant Matte
9.}[Due] Victoria 02 – Dark brown 3

Pose: .::MS::. Soul-Set 2.7

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