:: Slowly Moving ::

Slowly, I am getting back in routine in both worlds. Let me tell you. It has been rough, but you know, I have that personality that keeps me going. So many changes are coming in both worlds as well. My RL business is picking up substantially and I am enjoying the adventures that are coming my way. My SL spunk is coming back, but only in my own time frame. Just trying to come back slowly because I do not want to have that burn out and leave my family and great friends. I do have some time before my next procedure, I think within 6-7 months until my body is strong enough. I am looking forward to it and I am just have people to support me before that time comes. I am nervous but excited that I will be back to me again. A NEW IMPROVED and slowing down to enjoy life me.  My eyes are a bit brighter and I am looking out for me and my family, only..

Anyways… lets talk a bit of fashion. Do I miss blogging alot? Yes, I cannot wait until I go back to my desktop and work from there. This life on laptop sucks ass.  I receieved tgese two items that totally went well together from my fav two designer stores: La Penderie de Nicole and blackLiquid. I just love take the opportunties to be in black and red.. hehehe!

Let me end this post with many thanks to Blac Quartz for taking a raw picture of me so I can edit it. I so miss editing my pictures. Thanks girl.. Many Hugs to you…!

Until Next Time, Tosha K. b.k.a Brat (according to Blac).

1. La Penderie de Nicole::My Bat Dress::Tartan
2. blackLiquid EYEWEAR – CAVIAR
3. Zibska ~ Pero Black
4. R.icielli – NIGHT MAKEUP / Lipstick04
5. Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Evergreen 01 Femme
6. [Gos] Angelina Peeptoe – Black Python
7. (epoque.s) What a Stud Earrings – Black // Left Ear

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